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Growing up, my Grandfather collected rocks and crystals. I never truly understood it. I just thought it was a boy thing growing up. He worked hard for his family and at the end of the day he would find himself doing something that brought joy into his life. I remember going out to his rock garden in the back of my Grandparents old home and seeing how beautiful they were but still not grasping the understanding he had with them. He transitioned from this life when I was 18yrs. old, before I could understand the magnitude of these energies and before I could experience the same joy as he did. Years later, here I am, connecting with my grandfather through crystals and his Spirit.

Crystals have always found their way to me in moments I needed them most. I truly believe my Grandfather is up there coordinating with all my spirit guides to bring forth healing. Through out the years I have grown, I have healed and continue to heal as I align with my souls purpose. We are all healers, I am here to assist you in remembering, to teach and grow with the collective. From  incorporating crystals in my daily practices to working with Alchemy energy I truly hope to bring the same healing, love, passion and strength that my grandfather holds, into your sacred space.


Jasi Long


Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

-Robert Louis Stevenson




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